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 Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a fine art wedding photographer and destination weddings are my specialty. Please, pull up a chair and check out all of my latest work. It's a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me regarding availability or if you have any questions. Thanks and have a beautiful day!


Jennifer Harter

     After moving to Barcelona to study architecture, I stumbled into photography and never looked back. It was love at first sight. Since the beginning it has stayed challenging, fun and ever changing. I feel so fortunate.I quickly learned I loved telling stories in a contemporary style. Taking images of real moments and capturing emotion in natural lighting. I love to photograph people, love stories, places and to share the love. There is something so touching about being a part of such beautiful moments.

     I have an eye for detail and emotion. I like to always imagine images and how they would make us feel. My style has a fine art approach, I sought inspiration from photojournalistic masters such as Henri Cartier -Bresson. I love documental photography styles with a strong vision of timing, composition and art.

    Costa Rica is a photographer’s dream!! It is truly amazing. It is the perfect place to plan your destination wedding and create the stunning images you dream of.

    Aside from shooting destination weddings in Costa Rica full time, commercial shoots and lifestyle photography are part of my daily routine. I also love swimming with my equipment and shooting surf. There is nothing more spectacular than water and light at play. Recently, I have been loving family, fashion and architectural photography as well. Please feel free to check out my other work too!

I love telling stories, let me tell yours.